The Sleepless Nights Worrying About Overdue Bills, The Mounting Pressure At The Office,  And A Breakdown In Communication With His Wife Caused This "Supposed Successful Doctor" To Finally Lose It...

New Book & Training Program From Dr. Sanjay Jain Reveals How He Came Minutes Away From Losing It All,  And How He Rebuilt His Life On A New Foundation That Has Him Earning More More, Living Freely, Healthy And Spiritually Sound

Dr. Sanjay Jain thought he had done everything right. Go to college. Get a doctorate. Get married. Make sound investments. Start a family.

Then he looked in his mirror overweight, unhappy, one step from bankruptcy and having lost his unborn child.

And even though it felt like the world was caving in around him, Sanjay was seeing and hearing the same stories from every patient that walked into his office.

  • From parents losing touch with their children.
  • Successful executives and entrepreneurs who were emotionally bankrupt.
  • Deteriorating health everywhere he looked.
  • Credit card debt mounted and stacked on top of other credit card debt.

It was all around him. And I bet it is controlling your life too.

Are you waking up everyday jumping out of bed ready to seize the day?

My guess is that every morning is a struggle. Every weekday is used to countdown to the weekend just to do it all again. No hope. No light at the end of the tunnel.

Sanjay woke up one morning and looked into the mirror, much like you would. And even though we don't like what we see, he had that moment. That moment when enough had become enough.

This is the moment we all search for. It's what we are sold. From seminars to book to life coaches! It's big business to create this MOMENT.

And it's not your fault you have not found it yet. In fact, it's not your fault that you are even in this position today.

The reason is because there isn't really, truly a moment that changes everything for most people. In fact, it's lots of moments. Lots of little decisions we have made for years upon  years that have gotten us here. And it will be lots of little decisions that will get you back on track and remember that today is the day that you read this message and had "your moment."

In his forthcoming book, Optimal Living 360, he reveals his journey to break free from the path he was projecting on and ultimately find complete balance in his life and how you can too.

Optimal Living 360 is a book that is a lifetime in the making. Even though it has taken years to get ready to release his life's work, Sanjay knew that even with a release date in hand for the book, he needed to begin his journey to help people right now.

That is why he has created a companion training program, The ROI On Life.

The ROI On Life is your blueprint to putting the principles from Optimal Living 360 into motion in your own life, through 4 MP3 audios and a follow along Action Guide.

It also gives you instant access to change your life before the release of Optimal Living 360 in the spring of 2014.

Jack Nolan, MD This is the program that will balance more Doctor’s lives in 2014 than any other book, program or seminar out there.
Keith Ferrazzi, New York Times Bestselling Author, Relationship Master, Business Leader, Activist Dr. Sanjay Jain expertly reframes the discussion of a well-rounded holistic life and will be a tonic for those trying to align the need for satisfaction with the realities of work and life.

Your Life Has An ROI.
You Are Not Getting Exactly What They Pay For.
Today Is The Day It All Stops!

Order the ROI On LIfe Package today for only $49.99. When you place your order today you will have instant access to The ROI On Life Training Program (valued at $49) with 4 MP3 files, a transcribed manual and a Fast Start Action Guide.

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This Is A Simple, 4-Step Process To Calculate
& Improve The ROI Of Your Life

The ROI On Life is a complete 4 module audio training system designed to help you maneuver through the distractions, the disappointments and the obstacles that stand in your way of living an optimized life right now.

Get a sense of the complete training in each of the 4 modules below.

Module 1: An Introduction To Balance In Your Life

  • Discover the power behind ASPIRES and how it transformed Sanjay from being depressed, overweight and financially unstable to making a complete 360 degree shift in his life
  • Put into motion Sanjay's 7-Step Integrative Decision Making Process
  • Find everyday situations that are affected by the decisions you make and how to change the way you approach them

Module 2: The ASPIRES Model

  • Discover how small decisions like the food we choose to eat has long-term consequences for our bodies and minds
  • How to look at the safety of yourself and your family and the best ways to prepare for danger that approaches in your life
  • The financially responsible way to ensure you have the money to keep the roof over your head and still collect a rainy day fund

Module 3: The ROI On Your Life

  • How to apply ROI outside of business and in your everyday life
  • The currencies we use in our lives that have nothing to do with dollars and cents
  • How to uncover problems and obstacles as they come across and developing a plan to overcome them in real time
  • How to speed up the timing of decision making and understanding the long-term affects of even the small decisions you make in your life

Module 4: Integrative Decision Making

  • Defining CAPS and why this simple system can enhance your lifestyle instantly
  • The secret to actually achieving balance and increasing your ROI that has changed Sanjay's life forever
  • The Action Plan that will provide you a blueprint to not just change your life, but enjoy every minute of it, with the ROI you desire!
  • 4 Downloadable MP3 Files

    The core training in ROI On Life is accessed through 4 MP3 audio files for you to absorb the content and play back again and again as you integrate Sanjay’s message into your everyday life.

  • ROI On Life Manual

    In addition to the audio files, you will have access to a PDF of the transcriptions from the audio to read, skim, highlight and use as your User’s Manual to activate the power of the program.

  • ROI Action Guide

    Your ROI Action Guide is the real power of the training as it takes you from theory to application. In an easy to download and print PDF, this Action Guide is the key to unlocking your new future.

  • Instant 24/7 Access

    In the Optimal Living 360 Pre-Order Package, you will have instant and unlimited access to the contents of ROI On Life to download and revisit whenever your want, to learn on your own pace!

Order The ROI On Life Training Package Today For Only $49.99
And Receive Instant Access To 4 Core Training Modules

When You Place Your Order Today, You Will Receive

  • Instant access to the ROI On Life Training Program ($49 value)
  • 4 MP3 audio files in the ROI On Life Program
  • A complete manual from the ROI On Life Program
  • An ROI Action Guide from the ROI On Life Program
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This entire pre-order program is backed by my 100% Optimal Living Guarantee. If at anytime during the next 60 days you feel this program did not help you to live a more optimal life, I will give you back 100% of your investment, no questions asked!

David Bach, #1 New York Times bestselling author Start Late, Finish Rich and The Automatic Millionaire Brilliant! Sanjay Jain’s Optimal Living 360 is a business plan for life. Read it, apply it’s principals and enjoy the results.
James. R. Andrews M.D., Renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon with high profile patients from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and PGA. Orthopaedic Consultant Washington Redskins, The Andrews Institute in Florida. Dr. Sanjay Jain is the perfect expert to help you get your life on the right track with a positive attitude with a balanced career!

Stop The Sleepless Nights, The Time Wasting And The Feeling Of Self-Doubt Today.
Dr. Jain's Secrets And Methods Have The Ability To Give You Control Of Your Life, Have Better Relationships, Get Out Of Debt And Be Spiritually Free

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